playing Animoog through iPad and listening to and recording audio into Ableton

Best to assume I know very little here.

I was hoping Ableton would just pick this up as an external instrument.

Please help, this is driving me nuts!

I have Animoog on iPad 2, Ableton 8, Mac Book Pro, Audio lead from iPad socket through to audio in on Macbook.

Many thanks in advance.






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  • Near Earth Object
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    To control the synth you need a dock that has midi ins and outs too. I use the ipad with an Alesis IO dock, and it integrates perfectly in Live.

    Maybe there is also a way to send these signals wireless, but I'm not sure. However, with direct midi cables it works great.

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  • Zone_Ghost
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    If you're on a Mac, you can set this all up fairly easily with CoreMIDI in OSX (no external programs required).  If you're running Windows, you'll need some third party software.  rtpMIDI and MIDIOX.  

    Mac Tutorial:

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  • DukePack
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