Playback differs from play with note repeat enabled (on Push 2)

Hi! I'm trying to record midi in session view. My device is Reaktor5 with Monark, so it's a monophonic synth.
When I play directly on the Push2 with Repeat enabled, I can hear my note repeated. Neat.
Admit I'm keeping my finger on the tonic, so it's repeated. From time to time, I'm playing a higher note. During the play and the record, I hear it.
But when I playback what's recorded, only the tonic plays. This makes sense as Monark is monophonic and wont process two notes, but why would the play differ from the playback ? During play, the last played note seems to be prioritized. During playback, the lowest note seems prioritized when there are two simultaneous notes.
(Here's what I'm playing for clarity's sake:

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GdabZ 1 year ago | 0 comments

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