Play a clip in session view from a point other than the beginning in sync

The question sounds complicated, so let me explain:

Imagine I have an eight bar bass line in its own track with one note per bar. This plays looped in the session view. I create another track to write a melody over top. I fiddle around and decide on four bars of the melody, which I record into a clip in a second track. Now it's time to complete the last four bars in the second track. I play around on Push to generate some note ideas, but I want to hear them played in sync with the bass line. I go to the clip location I want to start from and hit spacebar. The clip starts from the beginning... but now I have to wait four bars before the part I want even sounds. I hit Ctrl-Space. Same thing. I hover on the clip under the time scale until the mouse becomes a little speaker and click. The current clip starts playing from the correct spot, but any other clips just start from the beginning.

The only way I deal with this is to drag clips into the arrangement view so that I can start them from anywhere, but I don't see why this is necessary. Can't I start a clip from a random spot and have all of the other clips play in their correct corresponding spot?!

There's a similar question here:

Unfortunately, in that one, the solution appears to be to just turn on the permanent scrub areas and start the clip where you'd like. The problem is, when the clip starts playing it doesn't adjust other clips in the scene accordingly so they're no longer in sync.

Would love some info on this!


aardvarkk 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • nhradio
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    You might try playing around with Legato launch mode. I am pretty sure if you have multiple clips (using Legato mode) on the same track that when you launch them they can start at a position other than the beginning. Not sure if this would work on different tracks but maybe.

    7 months ago | 0 comments
  • daciangrada00
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    I have this problem, too. I would like to know if there's a solution to this. 

    4 months ago | 0 comments
  • rust404
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    In the clip view there is a brace on the wave with two play arrows, just drag the dark arrow, which is the 'play from' marker to the point in the clip you want it to start. it'll play from that point and will loop as normal after that.

    7 months ago | 1 comment

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