Piping Guitar Rig (3) to Ableton Live 8 and having it record the effects from Guitar Rig

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I just bought an Akai E1E pro...and it came with Ableton Live 8 and I think it's awesome.  It is all set up and I can record multi-track and make drum beats and it can see all of my 4 channel inputs.  I have one last thing I want to do... 1.  I have Guitar Rig 3 and I am trying to make it so I can play my electric guitar thru Guitar Rig (and choose a setting I like) and then arm an audio track and hit record in Ableton Live 8, and then have it record what I am hearing thru the headphones from the Akai device...(which is the settings from Guitar Rig.  But it doesn't...it records the clean channel from the strat...and not the guitar rig effects.  Any hints on how to set it up?



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    are you using the stand-alone version of Guitar Rig 3? If so, and if you are on Mac OS X, you could route the output of GR3 to Live's input via Soundflower, a free audio routing utility from Cycling '74. You can find Soundflower here:




    Otherwise, Live will record input from what by default should be the inputs to your sound card, and Guitar Rig 3 will simply run in parallel, having nothing to do with Live. This is the reason you are only hearing the clean strat sound from Live.


    However, the by far easiest solution, bypassing any third-party applications, would simply be using Guitar Rig 3 as a VST inside Live. Live will still record the clean signal from the strat, but process any audio that plays on that track through the VST plug-in. Then if you wish you can Freeze and Flatten the audio track, and have the waveform of a processed signal to work with.


    Hope that helps!

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