Packs on multiple drives?

Perhaps a newbie question, but I can't seem to find the answer. Can I save a copy of my packs on more than one drive? I want to plug my laptop into a desktop external hard drive at home, but then want to take a portable drive to gigs, so I want the same packs and files on both.


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    If you have Ableton Live you are aloud to install it on up to 3 computers for yourself.  Atleast it used to be that way.  So all you need to do is install the necasary setup (possibly OS operating system) all onto the drive you want to use.  

    I dont think there is a way around doing that.  Not from my understanding when installing and switching drives when I tried.  I would always have to reinstall to switch directoy paths I think. But hey if you can find a way then try.

    The best sounding to me is just to have Ableton and Vsts installed on each computer, up to 3.  Then the next obvious step would be to copy and past the Live settings and sets and such like midi clips and everything you else to USB and have it on hand to trade computers at will.

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