Out of tune (and out of time) problems during live performance.

For my live performance I use a setup with Push, Launchpad, Midimix.
I use 6 tracks forclips (Drum, Bass, etc.) controlled with Launchpad (start/stop clips) and Midimix (volume, pan, send) and I use several tracks (once a time) with racks controlled (played) with Push.
In the tracks with racks I've, tipically, one Drum Rack (with several samples) and one/two synths splitted in two three different zones.
I use the new 64 pads capability (single shot for Drum Rack and note input for synths).
Sometimes it works well but sometimes, suddendly, the samples and/or the synths controlled with Push go out of tune (and sometimes also out of time).
Have anyone some suggestions to solve this problem?
In this situation, for me, is impossibile perform live :-(
Thank you very much.

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Abox J 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Probably I've found the cause.

    I was using two controllers for midi note input, Push and M-Audio. When I disabled the input by M-Audio the out-of-tune problem seems disappeared.

    Probably there was a conflict between the two controllers...

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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