Only Makro Control Knobs visible?

Hello, i've been wondering why most of my sound presets in Ableton (9.1, Lite Edition from a Novation product) show only the macro controls when loaded into a Midi track. Some select sounds show up as Simpler instruments and now i'm wondering how the other 'macro-control-only' sounds are composed at all.


Xylose 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    You can open or close every part of a rack with the buttons in the top bar of the device.
    You can show/hide macro knobs, show/hide chains or show/hide devices in the rack.
    To be able to use macro knobs at all in a device rack, you will needs device to play the samples. It is not possible to load a single sample into a rack without the use of a simpler, sampler, impulse or drumrack.

    In other words: the macro knobs of a sample playing rack are ALWAYS there. If they are not, that means there is no rack in the track, only a sample (audio track) or a sample player without a rack (midi track).

    Simple as that.

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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