Omnisphere not holding patches on save live set. Very strange.

Using a MacBook Pro Late 2013 with Yosemite 10.10.1.

Using Ableton 9.1.6 with Max 6.1.9.

Using Omnisphere with all the latest patches.

All 64-bit.

I load up Ableton and I start a new a new live set there are no problems.

Now let's say I load an existing live set. Everything is fine as well, but without closing Ableton I try and start a new live set that's where my problem happens.

Once I start a new live set and create a new Omnisphere track and I record in that track with a patch I have chosen within Omnisphere it disappears at the time I save the new live set. Even when I try to reload the live set the patches within Omnisphere are missing.

So let's say I choose a guitar in Omnisphere on channel 1. I then record a midi track in Ableton on that Omnisphere track. I save the live set. Once saved I go back to working on that track and there is no sound. So I look back in Omnisphere and now channel 1 is blank in the multi tab. If I go the patch edit area the patch is still there, but under the multi tab the patch has disappeared. If I reassign a patch to that channel it makes sound again obviously.

Anyone familiar with Omnisphere would know this is game breaking essentially. So basically my work around for now is on every new live set I start on I have to completely close down Ableton and load it up again. I can't just create a new live set or this problem persists.

I really would be interested if someone could try this who has Ableton and Omnisphere.  

If I need to clarify even further let me know. It's a strange one. I have a call into Omnisphere and am waiting for a call back.


LiqMat 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • LiqMat
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    Solved it by reinstalling Omnisphere. The weird thing is the Apple Audio Unit Omnisphere plug-in module was unaffected. Just the VST apparently got "corrupted" is the best word I have for it. How it did, I have no idea. I am so glad the Ableton Answers forum let me talk to myself like this. It's been real.

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • LiqMat
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    Update: I have narrowed it down. If I load Ableton and start an Omnisphere track, select a patch in Omnisphere let's say in channel 1, go back to Ableton and play the sound and THEN go back into Omnisphere the patch disappears and I have to reselect it. So it seems this is definitely a problem with the Omnisphere plug-in at this point.

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • nickcoleman
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    haha awesome

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