Old Simple delay ? Fluent crossfade between ms and note value ?

Abletons old simple delay allows only sync notes or ms Value adjustment .
On dj mixer is a fluent crossfade adjustment possible between the note values and ms value !
Ableton has no device to fix that in M4L ?
Is that a technical or coding or patent problem ?


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    This is not a feature of Simple Delay - but it can be easily redeemed using two Simple Delays in an Audio Effect Rack. In short:


    * Create an Audio Effect Rack with two chains. Using the Chain Editor (click the Chain button in the Rack to expand it), create a smooth fade between the two chains.


    * Put a Simple Delay instance into each Chain, one set to Time and the other set to Sync.


    * Map the Chain Selector to a Macro Knob on the Rack - this is your crossfade control.


    Hope this helps!

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