Ok, I bought a piece of hardware, and I would love it to work, but there are some issues.

I bought a Black Box, and I installed the Ableton software.  When I did this, not only could I not access my headphone or vid cam mike, but I couldn't even get the mike from the dam Black box.

I have all the software, and all the hardware, but the only thing I can get is a mike output to a speaker.  But most importantly it has screwed my other Mike Inputs.

I know you guys can do better than this.


Cryptotich 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • justmartin
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    hi..just to compare notes, i just got a 12 channel usb mixer for my guitar and vocal inputs, and my mixer won't show up as an audio input on ableton AND, after installing the asio driver, i too lost my headphone out on my laptop for phones or speaker,so now i can't even listen to any tutorial stuff cause i got no speaker out on my computer..i've emailed ableton support, posted this on the forum....no help...you get any good news yet on your situation? if you know something i don't know, please let me know...thanks..martin.......laseroncall@yahoo.com   i'm on the ableton forum under  justmartin   thx and good luck

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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