Novation Launchpad Pro or Launch Control + Launchpad Mini?

Hi - I am looking for some tangible control surface for live performances. 

I am not able to decide between Novation Launchpad Pro, or a combo of Launch Control XL + Launch Control + Launch Pad Mini. 

Incidentally, both options come to the same price. :) 

The first is more compact - less things to carry, but the second offers more flexibility. I am not quite sure whether there is an increase in the number of controls, and also a more tangible feel (I like turning knobs). The note mode is not a deal breaker, as I have a full sized keyboard, and a Novation 25 Impulse. 

Pros and cons from current users would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sri.


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smlp 11 months ago | 0 comments

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