Notes coming from one midi device, pitchbend from another one..

Hi let's take a simple example of what i what to do :

I've got a Push2, a lemur, a MPD32, and an Alesis Sample pad connected to Live

I want to do something simple, on a synth track:

- play the notes on push
- pitch bend via lemur
- filter out everything that's coming from the other midi devices..

Problem is if i select Push as the midi in for this track, i'm not receiving the pitchbend from the Lemur.
If i select All ins, i'm receiving data from the mpd32 ans samplepad which i don't want..

Of course i could configure each midi device to play on a different midi channel, then filter it out with a midiselect object, but i'm actually wondering if there is another way around.. (maybe via OSC for the lemur as well, but there i'm lost)


4Rdn926m 2 years ago | 0 comments

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