Nord lead 2 Ableton Live 9 Latency


Can anyone offer some advice? 

I'm using Abletons external instrument plugin to control my Nord lead 2, problem is the latency seems to drift on it's own accord. 

Just when I set it up about right using the latency compensation setting (MS's) I can stop playing the track, change some patch parameters such as filter cutoff or waveforms, start playing track and and boom timing is out. 

I then repeat the process, changing latency setting on individual track get it just right for it to mess up again on it's own accord. 

My first HW synth with Ableton. 

Any advice? 

Setup is Lexicon Alpha USB audio interface, M-audio midisport midi interface. 
Windows 7, high power latop (16gb ram, i7 quad core etc) 


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Coxy 6 months ago | 0 comments

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