Nord Electro 5HP ignoring some sustain MIDI messages

I'm doing some organ recordings with my Electro 5, and my typical workflow is to record both MIDI and audio first for a rough track, cleanup the MIDI to exactly what I want, and then use that MIDI to replay the electro and record the final audio. This is being done with Ableton Live 9 on windows 10 with USB MIDI through the nord. Also recording into an RME Fireface UCX if that matters.

This has worked fine in the past, but i'm running into some issues with the sustain not always being toggled correctly. For example, there might be a chord change but the b3 organ will continue playing both sets of notes. Sometimes through the recording it'll do this, other times not, so it's super annoying to figure out how to edit the MIDI data around the issue. Is it possible that I'm somehow overloading MIDI? or there's some weird timing issue with ableton?

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davidlukerice 2 years ago | 0 comments

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