non-destructive editing and zero cross


Question 1: finding zero crossing in audio clip.
I am making edits to a wav file (trimming and splicing tracks) in Arrangement view. I referred to Audio Fact sheet 33.2  ( for making "neutral operations" that will have no effect on the audio quality of the original soundfiles. I would like to make splices at zero crossing points to avoid clicks, but the only way live appears to be able to avoid clicks is by enabling Clip Fades, However "enabling Clip Fades" is listed as a non-neutral operation, which will degrade the original audio quality. 
Is there a way (manually or automatically) of setting edit points to zero crossing in an arrangement view clip?
Question 2: If I just can't get to a zero crossing and need to do a crossfade to avoid pops, will ableton only alter the file for that instantaneous moment where the crossfade is made, leaving the the rest (Most) of the file unaltered, or does it mean that the whole track is re-sampled or altered in some way? I'm sending these studio tracks off for mastering, so I want to make as little alteration as possible.. just need to make a few edits. 
In other words, can I make a few crossfade edits that won't affect the quality of rest of the audio file? ...Assuming I make sure the edits themselves are not detectible.
Thanks, William


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