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I have a yamaha MX49 and a Komplete Audio 6 interface. I've followed all the tutorials I've seen to the letter but unfortunately I'm not hearing any sound when I try to play the MX49. In Ableton, it recognizes that MIDI is being received, and everything is connected properly from the MX49 to the Komplete Audio 6 and from the interface to my computer. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.


tiredandwired 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    The only thing you can do is check every step.
    Midi signal is ok? So the midi control part seems to work and is set up correctly.
    To check audio:
    - connect outputs of mx49 to inputs audio 6. (Cables)
    - open preferences and activate corresponding inputs on the audio6.
    - load an empty audio track and set audio to 'in'.
    - set input to L/R channels that receive the input.

    If you did that correctly you should be hearing the synth sounds in Live.

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  • Robain
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    Hi, I just bought an MX61, and I use a Lenovo 14 laptop, -mx drivers installed but I also got no sound.. messed around with it for hours, even re-installed windows 10 64 bit -No luck... connected the MX61 to an HP netbook I have also on Windows 10 64 bit, and it worked perfectly into Ableton. What computer/soundcard are you using?

    4 months ago | 0 comments

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