No Listing for Axiom 25 (2nd Gen)

Hi all!

I have managed to hook my M-Audio 25 Key (2nd Gen) keyboard controller up to Live 8 and have it working -- playing keyboard strokes/notes AND even have the encoders (think that's what they're called) working.

Before I go on I want to be sure that I haven't missed something. The on-screen setup help says that Axiom 25 (2nd Gen) should be one of my choices in MIDI prefs for controller.  I'm offered Axiom 25 Classic and Axiom 25 DirectLink amongst a few others, but nothing about 2nd Gen.

I opted for the DirectLink choice and then DirectLink In and Out and, like I said above, all seems good.

My suspicion is that DirectLink is the most up-to-date option and that the problem is just that the help files have not been updated. But, I do want to be sure that I have my foundations set properly before getting too far down this road.

PS -- the more I get into Live 8 the happier I become that I chose it above other DAWs etc. Beginning to think I might spend the rest of my life mastering the software, but like in T'ai Chi, the journey is most valuable! 

Thanks, Jim, Bristol, Maine USA


Shepherd Jim 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • sixohsix
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    The DirectLink drivers are the most up-to-date for all Axiom devices. The Classic driver is for Axiom devices that do not have DirectLink. It should say in the manual for your Axiom 25, or on the box, whether that model supports DirectLink.

    And in any case, just use whatever drivers seems to work. There is no issue with using the wrong one.

    5 years ago | 1 comment
  • monkeytrix
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    "whatever seems to work" is an insufficient answer for me, sorry. I am still having trouble with this.

    Axiom 25 2nd Gen is not listed and Axiom Direct Link does not seem to work properly.

    My first question is WHY is Axiom 25 2nd Gen not listed anymore? especially when the SUPPORT files / Tutorial are directing us there?

    Is the Axiom 25 2nd Ed no longer supported? Will I always have trouble with this MIDI device?


    4 years ago | 0 comments

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