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I have Ableton Live Lite 8 (Fender Edition) that I got for free for buying a Fender amplifier. I am fully capable of using it, but it seems that I didn't receive any of the instruments that are being shown. I did a Library Repair, and it downloaded and repaired 6,338 different files. I have audio effects, and some midi effects, however some of the instruments "downloaded" (Operator, Collision, Electric, Analog, etc.) do not work. When I click on them, all they do is open up empty files. The only instruments I have are Impulse, and Simpler. Also, I cannot create instrument or drum racks onto a track. What should I do to resolve these issues?


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  • Warrior Bob
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    I'd get in touch with Ableton support and ask them if you're even supposed to have access to those at all. I'm pretty sure the Fender Edition doesn't come with those synthesizers, since that's a lot of what you'd be getting when paying all the extra money for Suite, but several versions of Live install them anyway and just disable them, so that they're available in demo mode.

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  • boskaloeder
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    I have the same problem now, i have ableton live 8 that i bought last year and i downloaded the windows version, everything worked perfect than. But this week i bought me a macbook pro and i had to redownload ableton live in the mac version. After installing i don't have any instruments, effects,... Normally after installing ableton you have to give in the lisence number and now nothing... 

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    In case you feel you are missing out on instruments included in your version of Live, please first of all make sure that you installed the most recent version from your account page and authorised it properly. 

    You can download the latest version from:

    In regards to the opening question here, Live Lite comes with the instruments simpler, impulse and drumracks and does not contain additional instruments like Operator, Collision, Tension, Electric etc. 

    Hope this helps, 


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  • Elvis13
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    I'm having same issues after updating to 8.3.x.

    Under 8.0.9, i could use the simpler instruments, but now they're gone and repair didn't work either.


    Are there any solutions out there?

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