No Driver Error Compensation required for the RME UFX?


I'm new to Live, and have an RME UFX interface.  I'm going through the Getting Started with Live 9 - Part 8: Optimizing Your Audio Interface Setup video.  The UFX in connected via Firewire to a MacBook Pro.  I've gone through the latency setup, and ended up at 64 samples.  Now I'm going through the Driver Error Compensation steps.
Output 1 on the UFX is a XLR male connector.  Input 1 is TRS female connector.  As I don't have a XLR female to TRS male cable handy, I'm trying to go through the steps by connecting output 8 to input 8 with a TS patch cable, as they are both TRS female connectors on the UFX.
I've set everything up as outlined below.  When I play the 1 Audio clip, 2 Audio's level meter is grey, and peaks just shy of the 0db line.  I've recorded the clip into 2 Audio, opened it in the clip view, and disabled Warp.  When I zoom in on 1 Audio and 2 Audio in the arrangement view the first peak of the 2 Audio wave form is just barely after that of 1 Audio's first peak.  If I increment the start marker of 2 Audio by 1ms in the clip view it throws the wave far more off than if I leave it alone.
Given all the routing changes below, I just want to confirm that it is a reasonable result that the UFX requires no driver error compensation (i.e. that I haven't accidentally setup a direct route in Live that doesn't actually go through the interface)?


    - Hardware input 8 is connected to hardware output 8 with a 1/4" TS patch cable.
TotalMix FX
    - Options > Reset Mix > Total Reset
    - Hardware Inputs > AN 7/8 > Configure > deselect Stereo
    - Software Playback > AN 7/8 > Configure > deselect Stereo
    - Hardware Outputs > AN 7/8 > Configure > deselect Stereo
    - AN 8 Submix
        - Hardware Inputs > AN 8 Fader > 0db
        - Software Playback > AN 8 Fader > 0db
        - Hardware Outputs > AN 8 Fader > 0db
    - Main (1/2) Submix
        - Hardware Inputs > AN 8 Fader > -inf db
        - Software Playback > AN 8 Fader > 0db
        - Hardware Outputs > Main Fader > -40db
    - Load Driver Error Compensation Live Set
    - Preferences
        - Input Config
            - 1(mono) & 2(mono), 1/2 (stereo)
            - 7(mono) & 8(mono)
        - Output Config
            - 1(mono) & 2(mono), 1/2 (stereo)
            - 7(mono) & 8(mono)
    - In/Out Section
        - 1 Audio > Output Type > Ext. Out > 8
        - 2 Audio > Input Type > Ext. In > 8
        - 2 Audio > Output Type > Master


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    I also have this with a FireFace400. When I do the tutorial there is no delay. But when I record something analog triggered via midi from live, there is a latency in the recording, which is even a lot higher than the total latency reported in the audio settings. I'm confused.

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