Newly Created Midi Tracks Have No Output

For some reason when I create a new midi track, the "MIDI to:" says "No Output" and does not allow for panning or sends. The volume slider has also been replaced by a dotted vertical line. Any ideas on how to fix this so "MIDI To:" goes to "Master" and such?

An example of what my MIDI tracks look like can be seen in this Ableton Forum post:


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    MIDI is just data for telling synths/apps/whatever what to do, and does not make any sound by itself. That's why pans and sends and the volume slider are disabled; they all deal with the audio output of a channel.

    "Clean" MIDI tracks like this are useful for grabbing MIDI and sending elsewhere (via the I/O options) or for sending to another MIDI track with a "MIDI receiver" on it (ie. synth/effect).

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