(Newbie) Consolidate / clean-up invalid instrument presets


I'm a LONG time Logic user, just now getting into Live. I want to start fiddling with the program as I read the manual, but I've already hit a problem I can't find an answer to. 

When I go to Library>Presets I see a long list of instruments with "drop-down carrots" that reveal dozens of presets, but 90% of them are empty and unusable. I'm wasting a lot of time sifting through interments / presets I can't access. Is there a way to clean this up or remove them?

As I said, I'm used to the Logic world, wherein if you can see it, you can use it. If it's not authorized it won't even show up in your list of instruments.

I've done the "repair library" function in the Preferences menu. I got a message that every "pack" that I had needed to be, and was successfully repaired. But still, I'm looking a ton of stuff that I can't use.

I'm sure I'll buy all this stuff at some point soon, but for now I just want to learn Live with the sounds I've got.




Thanks very much in advance!

version: Ableton Live Lite Launch Pad edition

Thanks much!

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    I think I've sussed this out. I needed to be at Live Devices>Instruments. I still don't understand all the (seemingly) useless presets, but at least now I can see my, somewhat limited, sound library. Definitely time for some Pack purchases.


    I think...



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