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Hi there,

I've only just starting using Ableton, I wonder if someone could help with the following:

1. The clip launch modes 'trigger' and 'gate' etc seem great. However, is there of a way of applying an ADSR to the gate? Basically I'd like the clip to be launched whilst pressing down a controller key, for it to stop when I life my finger off the key, but for there to be a short release time after I've lifted my finger off, so that the sound decays away gracefully without stopping instantly...if that makes sense! Is there a way of achieving this behaviour?

2. I'm also having a bit of trouble 'auditioning' warp segments, so I can check the markers in the right place - exactly like you would audition rex slices to ensure the slices are correct...what's the best way of checking this? Is there a single key command which plays individual segments, or is it a case of just moving the loop markers around?

Appreciate any advice, thanks!



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    1. No way to apply envelopes directly to launch modes. You can use the Simpler device as a container for your audio clip to achieve the effect. Please note that if it's required, your audio clip will have to be tempo synced before added to Simpler.

    - Create a MIDI track.
    - Insert a Simpler device.
    - Create a one bar MIDI clip with a one bar MIDI note.
    - Set Clip Launch Mode to Gate.
    - Enable Clip Launch Mode Legato.
    - Set Clip Quantization to None.
    - Set Clip Start: 1.1.1
    - Set Clip End: 2.1.1
    - Set Clip Loop Position: 1.1.2
    - Set Clip Loop Length: 0.3.2
    - Drag your audio sample to the Simpler device.
    - Enable Simpler Loop mode.
    - Increase Simpler Volume Envelope Release time.
    - Set Simpler Volume to 0 dB.

    Now the clip will play for as long as you keep the trigger button pressed. When you release it the clip will fade out according to the Simpler Volume release time.

    2. No way to play individual slices, moving loop markers is the way to go although keyboard shortcuts and context menus can speed things up. Check the reference manual, chapter 33.

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