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Hey guys Im new to Ableton but it looks like Ive hit a bump in the road. I'm running the latest version of Ableton Lite on Windows 7 with a an Akai APC Mini. The sound is crystal clear. I have a Numark 4Trak DJ controller hooked up to my PC as well, When I hit my jogwheels I play an instrument that drives me nuts. I wish I could attach snips from my computer it would show a lot more than I can describe properly. Can someone assist me in setting up my audio settings in Ableton Lite correctly thanks.


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    Any controller connected sends what called "MIDI notes" the problem in your case is that ANY controls (buttons, faders, wheels, nuts, bananas, etc..) sends his proper note. And, because Live is a "production" software, each instruments "Armed" (red light) receives Midi notes.

    For the begining, you should disconnect every controllers excepted the APC, than go to Settings > MIDI Sync. Select APC40 in the first row and first column, the second and third column should read APC too. And that's it. For further connexions I recommand to read the manual. There's a full dedicated section for connecting the APC and so on .


    Hope it helps :)

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