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In the next six months, I would like to put together a new Ableton rig.  I am a professional audio engineer and sound designer, but am somewhat new to Ableton and live performance.  I'm pretty familiar with issues that affect latency - but since live performance has never been part of my day job I'm new to trying to achieve ultra-low latency.  The set I'm building involves both live instruments (guitar, mic'd piano, drums, vocals) performed along side clips and live remixing.  I want to use some modest DSP, but I understand the CPU limitations at such low buffer sizes.

I know I will need some serious CPU firepower and I have some serious money to put forward, but I'm not seeing a lot of reassuring reviews concerning the rock-solid low-latency performance I would like.  I've read that Ableton 9.1 is partly to blame - not the hardware and drivers - which makes me wonder if ultra-low latency is even possible at the scale I'm trying to pull off.

(BTW I have tinkered around with using multiple machines, but in my experience I haven't found the system to be stable.  I have had a three mac machine system cause sync problems during live performances before.)

I've have had very good personal experiences with RME interfaces, but am also interested in the Apogee Ensemble, which has some interesting drivers that may just rival RME's.

My future rig does not need to be a laptop and does not need to be a Mac - but it must have ridiculously low latency.  A Mac or a custom built tower are both on the table.

With all that said, does anyone out there have a a rock solid rig (both machine and interface) with solid ultra-low latency they'd like to share specs on? Or can anyone share articles/resources that talk in full technical detail about pushing Live 9.1 to the latency limits in real professional applications?

Thanks in advance!


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    It's been a year and there's no answer? I would think this would be a pretty hot topic.

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    Hi there, 

    Sorry you didn't get an answer on your question. 

    We can not recommend specific models or components, but maybe this article will help a little:



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