new 1.8 core i7 11" MBA for live sets, a good or bad idea?

interested in running ableton live 8 on a 1.8GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7 256GB flash storage 11 inch macbook air,  is this a bad idea?  I really just want to do live sets not full on production; I already have a desk top for production work.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be great...Thanks


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    Hi there, both gmddigital and beoleg.

    This depends fully on your Live Set.

    If you just want to play clips, you won't have a problem.

    You'd also have a lot of headroom to use Live's effects. When it comes to 3rd party plug-ins, that's another story, some are heavy, some are light.

    Remember that you can always freeze and flatten tracks, and also load them into RAM to take some load of your computer.

    Live has been around for a long time now, it has run on way weaker computers than these MBA's and it's quite light weight compared to other DAW's.

    But before you do your gig, test your set at home with the sound card you're going to use, adjust the buffer size to your liking. If you're "just" DJ-ing, be safe and go for something like 2048, if you do live interaction with your set, use the "test section" beneath, to adjust your buffer size to it's optimal state (please ask me or refer to the manual if you do not know how to use the "test section").

    I'd recommend 4GB of RAM, since Live is 32-bit, it can't take advantage of more than 4GB's of RAM. The only bottlenecks in your set-ups are the small screens and the HDD's with low capacity. Your CPU, RAM (if 4GB) and HDD-speed will do great.

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    same question, different configuration)

    air 11,6"/ 64GB /1,6 GHz /  Core i5

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    Can you post your results after your test ? I am still hesitating between a Macbook Pro or Air.


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