needed chord builder not based on root note-like McMillen SW

Hi,  I'm using a Keith McMillen 12-step Midi foot pedal for live performances and I need to find another hardware solution.  The issue is that the software that comes with it allows me to define the specific chords played on each pad in a note for note fashon.  Even though the foot pedal is set up like a piano keyboard from C-C, I cay build an em9 and trigger it with the C button on the pedal.

I've searched around and have played with most of the Ableton/Max plugins but these all seem to be based on the root notes, adding intervals from there.  I also tried just making Midi clips and triggering them.  The issue with that is that it is just a trigger.  With the food pedal, the sound triggers based on how I press the button.  It responds to velocity and note on/off messages.  I don't care as much about the velocity (or the pitch/mod functionality of the buttons) as much as I do just being able to trigger a note on/off of a chord I build note for note, instead of based on a root note.

Sorry if this isn't clear.  Here's a link to a youtube video about the config program.  At around 4:15 they show how to set up chords.  I need that!...only for other devices.

I appreciate any help or pointers you can give me.  Thanks!!

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vgermani 2 years ago | 0 comments

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