Need to set audio buffer size to lower than 512 samples on 9.1 but cannot, can do this on 9.0

I cannot change buffer size to anything else than 512 samples on Live 9.1 Suite at all, the value is not clickable/editable. On 9.0 the value is editable, but it stays on 444 samples.

With 512 on 9.1 the audio is crackling and not clear. It was fine on 9.0 at 444 samples.

I'm using ASIO drivers for my soundcard (Asus Xonar D2X). There is no apparent way to edit this in sound card's ASIO settings (they are all grayed out).

It seems that my sound card requires a buffer size of 444 samples, or at least something lower than 512. I understand that the problem is that 9.1 introduced only power-of-2 buffer sizes.

Is there any way at all to force 9.1 to non-power-of-2 buffer size, or at least one that is lower than 512 (like 256 or 64)?

If not, how can I downgrade to 9.0?

Would very much appreciate your help. Thank you!


Kalessin 4 months ago | 0 comments

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