Need help with remixing a song?

Hi there, Im very new to Ableton. I have just bought the apc 40 and the software edition that comes with it. At this stage I want to remix existing songs to then play live with an instrument.

Can anyone help me with (sorry very basic questions- I need to do some more reading)?

I would like to chop up a track, and paste selected pieces of audio into clips to then trigger.

- How do you cut up audio? In and outside of warping mode.

- How do you make the audio repeat itself?

- How do you paste audio into a clip?

- How do you trigger audio withouth there being any lag- or fitting it to the timing of the previous clip?

- I'm having trouble with global tempo effecting the individual clip tempos. Any suggestions.




Craig Stekelenburg 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    Cut up audio in arrangement mode. You can either select the piece you want and drag it elsewhere, or you can right-click the selected audio piece and select split.

    I'd ctrl-d the clip to duplicate it for repeating. You can also set the clip to loop and edit the loop markers of the clip.

    You cannot paste audio into a clip as such. You can put a clip into or before/after another clip, which will result in 2-3 clips. You can then select the parts you want, right-click->consolidate. If you want mixed signals, you'll need to resample (ie. record two tracks into one).

    Use a sampler (such as Simpler) or Session Mode for launching audio bites.

    Turn warping off for clips you do not want affected by global tempo.

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