Need help with proper mapping of EQ Three to my APC 40.

I have dropped EQ three to all 8 channels. The problem is that when I adjust the macro for "bass" in one track it adjusts the bass on all of them. How would I be able to get it to work independently on each of the 8 channels w/o turning the device on and off all the time? Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    no manual mapping could be helpful in this case. 

    Use the apc to select any track, and then use the device selecting function to select the EQ in that specific track. Live will automatically map the 8 rotary buttons on the apc to the EQ.

    Another option is to put an effect rack onto every channel and map the buttons you need (from the EQ3) to the macro buttons.

    Whenever you select a track with the apc, it will automatically map the macro knobs to your apc.  

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