Navigate Session View clips via CC / MIDI controller

I am relatively new to Live, so please forgive if this question has been addressed (ad nauseum) already, but I couldn't find a thread...

I'm looking for a way to navigate clip slots (in Session view, of course) via MIDI foot controller. 

I've got my KMI Soft Step mapped to run my Looper plugin and the rest of the transport controls, including the Session Record function and all is working great.

I would like to do as little "hands off the guitar / hands on the laptop" as possible. To be more specific, I'd like to:

1. Create my first loop, then drag it to the first clip slot (this sets the tempo for my track on the fly, which is AWESOME). Trigger the clip and shut off the Looper plug in.

2. Change the sound of my guitar and pop over to the Bass track. Record a bass line Clip for section A, then pop down to the Clip slot below and record section B, C, and so on.

3. Move to the next track over and lay down some chords for each section, in the same manner as I did the Bass.

etc, etc. You get the idea.

So tell me, Live people; Easy? Impossible? Something well documented that I've missed?


MANY thanks.




tekhed 4 years ago | 0 comments

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