nanokontrol doesn't appear in MIDI Sync

Am attempting to use nanokontrol on PC.  Previous posting on this site says that I just need to activate "remote" for the nanokontrol in the MIDI Sync tab in Ableton Preferences--specifically in the lower section titled "MIDI Ports" (below the Takeover Mode selector).  However, my nanokontrol unit is not attpearing the the MIDI Ports section of the MIDI Sync section of Preferences.  The nanokontrol scene 1 light is on and the computer says it has installed the drivers.  This is my first try with a unit that is not on the list of control surfaces in the top half of the MIDI Sync page.  Would appreciate some direction of how to get it working.  Thanks! 



Quarkadial 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Quarkadial
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    got a solution from Sweetwater tech support: I had too many MIDI ports engaged.  fix is to go into the Uninstall Utility for the Korg unit.  Go into Options and uncheck the box that says you are deleting the Korg device only.  Then go back to the main window of the Uninstall Utility and delete everything on all MIDI ports.  When you go plug your Korg unit back in, the computer reads it again & you're good to go.  Same with your other MIDI devices.

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  • samtastic
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    something similar was happening to me.

    My soundcard  - a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 - wasn't appearing in the MIDI Ports options in Live.

    I'm on a Mac, and I found that going to the program 'Audio MIDI Setup' and then clicking 'rescan devices' solved my problem. Now the Saffire appears under the MIDI Ports option.

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  • ersatz01
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    Amazing. This is the precise problem I was having. Thank you for the solution... searched high and low all over, and the knowledge base was right here on

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