My songs are too big (more than 1 Go) ! How to create a CD ?

Hello everyone,

I would like to make a "classic" CD of about 8 songs.

2 songs of about 5-6 minutes take more than 1500 Mo memory ! while the others are less than 140Mo. I used the same standard options (learnt on the ableton training video) to export them (WAV, 44100 Hz, triangular...).

There are quite a lot of effects in these 2 particular songs, so I understand that they should be bigger than the others but not that much...even a bit more complicated they remain "normal" songs.

It seems difficult to make CDs with live, the files we create are extremly big. I may do something wrong - otherwise this is really too bad.

Does someone has a solution ?

thanks !!




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    Don't know if I understand your question.

    To explain: in Live, you make a track. And save it as a project.
    For use on audio CD, you export that same track as a .wav file.

    A wav-file size is not relaxed to the amount of fx and instruments you use in the Live project.
    Basically, 2 things determine the size of your exported track: length of the track and quality of the sound.

    In other words: if your project file is bigger: that is possible. Depends on the amount of tracks, fx etc.
    But if your exported file is that big, you did something wrong.
    So check that the start and end points are correct, export, and make sure the settings are ok.

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