My Live browser won't reflect reality

I have a custom folder in use (Mac OS) for my Live 9 Suite User Library.  If I create a new folder from within Live in the browser, I can use that folder, add to it, delete it, etc.

If however I add a folder to the User Library from within finder, that folder will never show up in the browser.  If I drag & drop that folder from the finder TO the browser however, it makes a copy of that folder (with "(copy)" in the name) in the browser.

Now if in the finder I delete *any* folder from the library - whether created in Live or added via drag & drop - that folder will NOT delete from the browser in Live.  Additionally if I delete the folder in Finder, then Live will NOT delete it from the browser even if I try to manually remove it.  It's just permanently stuck there.

It is as if Live maintains only a partial connection to the actual directory - going only one way and only for folders actually created from within Live itself.

WTF?  Anyone?

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vanKloot 3 years ago | 0 comments

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