My computer needed fixing and I have to reinstall Live...

Hello all.  I've had issues with my PC recently, and had to take to the Geek Squad.  They did a full cleanup for me, and backed everything up.  Now here's the rub...


I upgraded to Suite about 3 months ago, and found I didn't save my Standard projects in the right place, so now that I have to reinstall Live, I'm wondering if I install Standard, hopefully get my old projects back, save them to the correct place, and then install Suite???  Is that how I go about it?  Do i use the CDs that came with Standard, or is there a way in my user account to just reinstall Standard where i registered my software...


Any help is appreciated, and i hope someone can help me.  I lost HOURS upon HOURS of work upgrading to Suite.  Thanks so much for any help/suggestions given.



Craig G.


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    Live standard and Live suite both work the same. So installing Suite should not be a problem. Just make sure the folder containing your projects is saved somewhere and can be accessed. your projects can be saved anywhere, as long as everything that comes with Live (samples, packs, devices, etc) is where it should be.
    The only way you can lose all projects is, if you put them inside Live's program folder and then completely replace it. Since you have a back-up, you should also have a folder containing all projects, right?

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