My Audio Driver Isn't Working

Hello! I use Ableton Live 9 Intro, and I had 3 choices for my audio driver: No Audio, ASIO, or MME/DirectX. I use MME/DirectX. However, I was trying to open a live set one day and it said that my audio engine was off, so when i went to turn it on my MME/DirectX option was gone. Obviously "No Audio" doesnt work and ASIO doesnt work either! What should I do? I can't find the MME.DirectX option anymore...


- Armaan Azeem


Armaan Azeem 1 year ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • Near Earth Object
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    I would start by re-installing he driver of your audio interface to see if it shows up again.

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  • inkblot1
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    Personally, I'd choose ASIO. This is typically the one that comes with your audio device and is most well suited for recording/playback in a DAW.

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