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I have a clip in one track that is launching with a gated mode.  When it plays, I'd like another track to be muted, but when the clip stops playing (i.e. I release the launch button), I'd like the other track that had been muted to be automatically unmuted.

Currently I can just manually throw around the track faders, but I'd like something a bit simpler.

Maybe there's some sidechaining (gate or compress) stuff I can do to effectively mute the other track?

I don't want to put them all on the same track b/c one track will be the main drum loop clips, and I want the second track (w/ gated launch clips) to be some ornaments/variations.



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    Nice question! Wasn't sure if this would work but turns out it does.

    You can use Gate to do this.
    Put Gate on the track you want to be muted when you play a clip in the other track.
    Click the Unfold Device Parameters button on Gate (the arrow symbol). You now see the Sidechain option, click it so it turns yellow. Under Audio From select the track with the variations/ornaments. Pull the threshold all the way down. The Attenuation parameter (the box below the threshold) is on -40.0db by default, pull that all the way down as well so it says -inf db. Click the 'Flip' switch so it turns orange.

    This is basically it, but depending on how abruptly or smoothly you want the muting/unmuting of the track to occur, you can play around with the attack, hold and release knobs. I personally pulled the attack and release parameters all the way down so the muting/unmuting is really abrubt and turned hold up a bit (to 100 ms) so the main track doesn't cause any 'chatter' when you have a variation clip that's less intense, but try for yourself what settings you like.

    Hope this is what you're looking for!

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    That's great!  Thanks for answering.  I will try that out now.

    One temporary workaround I figured out was to switch the launch mode of the 'variation' clip to 'toggle'.  Then I can just midi map the same key to launch that 'variation' clip as well as to deactivate the primary track.  The downside is that it entails pressing a button twice as opposed to using it as a 'momentary' control.


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