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Is there a way to run multiple instances of Live?  I only want to run two two have the ability to change projects without stopping the audio and flow.
I even came up with a best way:  if Ableton added an installation option that allows the installation of Live _ A and Live _ B version.  \
Apparently, people used to do this by having a duplicated copy of the program installation and you can drag projects into the current project but..... it's not the best thing to do.  
A desired feature would be to give users the ability to load projects in one of two instances of the program. 


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    In Live Preferences, under "Look/Feel", there is a switch for allowing Multiple Instances of Live to run. The mechanisms of which I really don't want to get into.

    Have you heard of the new Link feature? It may help with what you're asking about.


    I'm not sure installing twice is possible plus it has nothing to do with running two instances.

    As for which instance gets sent the file, I'm guessing Windows does this through a mechanism called DDE, which is a form of Interprocess Communication.

    If you want a hacky starting point to think about, you could create a batch script, which reads a process ID from a registry, and opens a file through some DDE command. Add the script to the Explorer context-menu, once for each instance (you could group the menus). Then edit the registry everytime you start the instances. 


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