Multiple clips when one sample is dragged in?

I slice full-length songs into several sections for DJing in Live. E.g., I will import a track named "128 Gm Fire.aiff", then split it into:
128 Gm Fire 24 (green) for the intro

128 Gm Fire 9 (cyan) for the breakdown

128 Gm Fire 24 (magenta) for the meat of the song / drop

128 Gm Fire 16 (red) for the outro

If I could drag a song in from the OS file browser, iTunes, MiK, etc. and have all the clips show up, that would be grand. As it is, I am having to use various kluges to hide the clips (sometimes I have 8 or 10 per track if there are tempo changes or multiple breakdown/drop sections) that make up the full track. Kluges like using group tracks to fold up clips under a track name become unwieldy if I am playing all night with 200+ tracks. Using MiK or iTunes to manage my 10000-track library is vastly better, and it's what I am used to (SSL with iTunes integration since around 2006).

Is there any way to have multiple "default clips" instead of just the one default per sample?

Is there another pro tip or less roundabout method for managing sliced-up tracks for DJing?

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contortrix 3 years ago | 0 comments

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