Multi-velocity Samples and Creating Your Own Drum Rack Instrument

Ok, not sure how to even ask about this. I'm new to the world of self-created samples, but here we go. 

I was in the studio last week and the engineer and I recorded samples of the drum kit we used for tracking. We recorded 8 different velocities for each drum (Kick, Snare, and Toms). I have all of these samples and I want to create a kit in ableton incorporating all of the sampled velocities for expressive playing on my controller. Obviously I can pull up a new drum rack and place one of the eight samples of each piece and create a kit. But my question is this: How do I use all 8 velocities we sampled on one drum rack pad? Is there, for instance, a way to have all 8 Snare samples loaded into a pad so I when I'm playing on my controller and use expressive velocities that it will incorporate all 8 snare samples into the one snare pad. Hopefully I'm making sense here and someone can help me. I tried searching for it, but haven't found anything on it yet.




unitshift 2 years ago | 0 comments

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