Multi-velocity Samples and Creating Your Own Drum Rack Instrument

Ok, not sure how to even ask about this. I'm new to the world of self-created samples, but here we go. 

I was in the studio last week and the engineer and I recorded samples of the drum kit we used for tracking. We recorded 8 different velocities for each drum (Kick, Snare, and Toms). I have all of these samples and I want to create a kit in ableton incorporating all of the sampled velocities for expressive playing on my controller. Obviously I can pull up a new drum rack and place one of the eight samples of each piece and create a kit. But my question is this: How do I use all 8 velocities we sampled on one drum rack pad? Is there, for instance, a way to have all 8 Snare samples loaded into a pad so I when I'm playing on my controller and use expressive velocities that it will incorporate all 8 snare samples into the one snare pad. Hopefully I'm making sense here and someone can help me. I tried searching for it, but haven't found anything on it yet.




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    Please, someone else help with this. I've been trying to find a way to do this as well. Sampler allows you to select the velocity triggers by right clicking the samples within Velocity Zone Editor, but the trouble is that the Sampler instrument does not play the entire duration of the sample, even when Loop Mode is set to 'Trigger'. I have many drum sounds with long room or reverb tails, that I cannot use in this way because Sampler chops the samples off - extremely frustrating.

    Can someone from Ableton please explain a way to accomplish this properly?

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