multi out vst template?

i understand that you use external instruments to route audio from multi out vst's. is there a way to save the multi out channels as a template so they dont need to be set up each time you want to use them?

1 or 2 channels are fine to do as needed but to set up several each time you use a multi out vst is a major wastr of time.

how do you handle vst's where you use several multi outs?

thanks for your help.


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    so this cant be done. wonderful.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    You can do this if you save a project containing a multi out instrument with the correct routing.

    Put it in a group, for instance; add a track for every input and route it. Save that as a template or as a separate project. Next time you want to ude it; open the template project or find the saved project containing that routed instrument/group in your browser and simply drag the whole group into your current project.

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