Multi-Clip Warping


The manual doesn't say very much about how to Warp multiple clips simultaneously.

I have a handle on the basic rules from a recent Ableton support answer, but still cannot get it to fully work for me. 

I'm close, but I think there is more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes here.

If anyone out there warps multiple clips often, can you suggest some tips and tricks?



For your reading pleasure, the Ableton support answer:


"Thanks for contacting Ableton Support with your questions and feedback.

Regarding the multi-clip warping, there are a few parameters which are important to understand:

1. The clips have to be the exact same length. You can easily test this by dragging two of the same clip onto two different audio tracks.

2. The clips have to be audio, not MIDI.

3. You have to select all clips you wish to edit. This can be done by Ctrl clicking each clip or by shift clicking multiple clips in a row. Either way, you should see the clips highlighted to indicate their selection.

Once this is done, you should see the clips appear in clip view as a multi-selection, at which point you can add warp markers as you see fit.

If the two selected clips are not the exact same length, you will see a message in clip view indicating this. You can fix it by carefully splicing them to be the same length. Do note that simply cutting the clips would not be enough - you need to actually consolidate them so the raw audio files are the proper duration."



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    Thumbs up that Ableton staff read this area to stay in touch.

    Thumbs down that official help desk tips have to stay a secret between Ableton and individual licence owners.

    Disclaimer noted, I will begrudgingly comply

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    Hi there, 

    Thank you for your contribution, but please note that every email from us holds a disclaimer, stating that publishing the content of the email is only allowed with dedicated permission. 

    Please try to respect this disclaimer in the future, since otherwise we would need to lock / delete the thread. 



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