MPK25/APC40 over lapping midi issues..

i'm trying to manually midi map the MPK25 and APC40 but i'm having problems... in midi mode, the MPK25 has knobs numbered the same as the APC40 so i'm inadvertently changing parameters on the APC when i move knobs on the MPK.. is there any way i can change how the devices interact with one another or the assigned number of the knobs in midi mode?   


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  • derek73
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    My guess is both controllers are configured using the same MIDI control channels on the parameters you're changing.  Say you assign an Ableton function to CC33 and the APC uses CC33 for a knob, you will also end up changing that function on the APC.  You would have to set up the MPK to transmit on control channels that are NOT used by the APC (using the controller editor software, for example) and then go ahead and map individual settings in Ableton.

    Maybe this is because both are enabled as control surfaces, I don't know if this is right, but perhaps you have to disable one of them...  hope this gives some ideas.


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  • puxflux
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    Derek73 was on the right track. What you need to do is change the midi channel that the knobs, faders and buttons are transmitting data on for one of the controllers.

    The MPK will be the best option for this. It should have came with a vyzex editor that will allow you to edit the controls. Just take a look at the midi chart for the ACP and find a midi channel that is not used by the APC and switch all the MPK controls to that midi channel.

    This will be a lot easier then trying to find individual midi CC's that will not conflict.  

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