Moving from Logic in the studio to Ableton for live performance.


I'm planning on attempting to move my logic sessions over to ableton for live performance.
I have a bunch of questions for anyone who's done this before.
1. Would you bounce/export audio with or without the sidechain in logic? Would you do the sidechaing live in Ableton?
2. If you have instruments with chains of FX in the channel strip how do you translate them into Ableton. For example i have compressors and silver verb on many of my instrument channels. Are there any decent ableton or vst equivalents?
3. Do you bounce your triggered samples as audio (just the ones you've used) and trigger them in Ableton samplers or do you keep the original patches in their entirety and convert them across? 
Be really good to hear what you all do.

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benjamingordon 4 years ago | 0 comments

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