Mouse Clicks on Tap Tempo produce audible clicks/pops


New audio interface (no surprises there!), and I am dialing in my Buffer Size in ableton-on a mac this corresponds to Core Audio, right?

I've passed the 80% CPU emulation test as well as a separate test where I've thrown every switch and send to the full on position, peaking at around 96%CPU with a consistent (and very turned down speakers) screech. I've adjusted my Firewire Driver Latency to a moderate settingl, although my Interface is the only firewire device connected to my computer, and I'm not sure this would impact things.

The only problem is that the Tap Tempo button produces subtle audible clicks. This occurs independent of the above loads, and can happen even if I'm playing back one tune, which does send my rather muscled up set to about 30% on the CPU meter when I'm tapping in an unwrapped clip, and about 17% when I'm not touching anything but the transport is moving and the clip is playing.

Increasing the buffer size did not make the issue go away, nor can I afford to bump up to 512 samples. Where I am is a comfortable 6ms of latency which I can still monitor, play and record in fluently.

Do you have an explanation for what could be taxing the playback? Will other actions, like changing warp mode or segment bpm, instigate the same playback issue? Would midi remote tapping, automation, or using an encoder produce the same gagged clicking?


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    Hi there, 

    This sounds like you are playing the track from arrangment view, and if it is an unwarped clip, this would mean with every tempo change after tapping, the grid needs to be changed, which can cause unwanted clicks in some cases. 

    We recommend importing it into session view first, getting your tempo right, and after this you can move it over to arrangment view. 

    Hope it helps, 



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