Morphing from one Sample to another Sample

Is it possible with Ableton Suite to morph from one Sample to another Sample?


Sample 1 : Speech Sample

Sample 2 : Ambient Pad Sample

Midi Controller Knob 1: 0 = 100% Sample 1 & 0% Sample 2 | 64 = 50% Sample 1 & 50% Sample | 127 = 0% Sample 1 & 100 % Sample 2

Midi Controller Knob 2: Pitch of Sample 1

Midi Controller Knob 3: Pitch of Sample 2


I want to sweep between  Sample 1 and 2. 

Realtime Manipulation of the Samples would be great.

Is Ableton Sampler capable of this? How can I do it in Live?


Thank you for your reply






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  • Zik Zak
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    Certainly! There's many ways but to set up the instrument rack can be a bit time consuming. Create two chains with the two samplers in and add loads of effects after. Map the various effect's parameters (mostly dry/wet and gain) to a macro-control and inverse them on one of the chains (eg. make one range from -inf to 0db the other from 0db to -inf).

    Effects/processors I'd deem useful would be vocoder, reverb, (auto) filter, gate and plain ol' gain. The basic idea is to try to make the sounds near eachother in sound before returning to their original form. Basically do like a DJ would do when mixing from one song to another!

    Good luck!

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