More elegant way of embedding patch changes...?

Hey all!

I'm using Ableton to run backing tracks on stage as I have been for the past few years, and I've also recently started using Ableton to trigger drum samples via MIDI from a DrumKat MIDI trigger pad.

I currently have Ableton setup so that when I start a scene (a complete song with audio tracks for Backing Vocals, Extra Keys and Click), I also send a program change to a Drum Rack channel to change it's setting to the Drum Rack hosting the correct drum samples for that song.

This way I don't have to change patch on my DrumKat, all patch changing is automated.

However it's really not terribly elegant the way I've had to set it up...  Can anyone suggest a better method?

Currently the channel on which I have my 'patch change' clips (which apparently have to be CC... I use Mod Wheel CC1) outputs to the IAC Bus, then the Drum Racks tracks are set to receive MIDI from *all* so that they can receive both the 'program change' CC1 and also the incoming MIDI from the DrumKat to play the samples.

Is there really no better way of automating the change of drum sample patch?

Ideally I'd love to have more elegant patch switching as in Mainstage (which I also use in a different setup)

I'd be more than happy to switch to hosting drum samples in a different way.... For instance I also have Kontakt and Maschine, so if there's a better way someone can suggest to host the drum samples using either of those, please let me know!



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    You can achieve this using instrument chaining, it will mean that all you need to do is trigger the Scene and the Drum Rack samples will automatically change to the appropriate ones for that song.

    On your drum track right click on the Drum Rack title bar and select 'Group' this will create a group (surprisingly) and the initial  Drum Rack will be placed into 'Chain 1' which you will be able to see if you expand the chain view using the tab on the Group.

    What you do now is create a new chain for each Drum Rack for each song and import your Drum Racks into these chains. So for song 1 you have Drum Rack 1 in Chain 1, for song 2 you have Drum Rack 2 in Chain 2 and so on. 

    Next you need to assign each chain to a separate position in the chain viewer, there are 127 slots so you can have up to 127 Drum Racks each on a separate chain.

    Now you create empty clips in your Drum Track and then edit the envelope 'Instrument Rack', 'Chain Select'... for each clip you need to move the envelope to the corresponding chain select assignment for the Drum Rack containing the samples for that song (scene).

    It sounds a bit complex but it's not... I'll upload a video a bit later to demonstrate.


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  • BishBashBosh
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    Excellent.... Thanks.

    A video would be amazing too if you have time.


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