Mod wheel lag with external instrument in 9.5?

i'm using a Novation Launchkey 25 to control a Prophet 08 module through Ableton. everything seems to work great except the mod wheel glitches and lags very badly. it's pretty much unusable. i created a MIDI clip to send out to the Prophet and drew some mod automation on it; this also lags and doesn't work properly. 

in PreSonus Studio One 3 however everything works great, including using the Launchkey's modwheel to control the Prophet. i doubt any of my hardware is bad because of this. does anyone know why this could be happening only in Ableton? i disconnected all MIDI hardware besides my interface (FireStudio Mobile) and the Launchkey, which didn't help. 

Win 7, 32 bit, Live 9.5, 8GB RAM, FireStudio Mobile, Prophet 08, Novation Launchkey 25 MK2. 




ganzfeld 2 years ago | 1 comment

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