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A few months after upgrading to 9, I wanted to work on an old track only to find that there are many Missing Media Files. Most were from the "e-instruments compilation" as well as the "Soniccouture Compilation" packs. Some of my favorite sounds are gone as well, including the CallofWar.aif.

I've searched my computer and can't find these sounds anywhere, and the Ableton site doesn't seem to recognize any of these packs or sounds. Any ideas how this happened or where I can download these sounds from again? Thanks.


RADiamond 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    When you hover the mouse over any of the missing files in the file manager (right side of the screen after clicking on the red bar that says: missing files) you will be able to see the location that these files used to be in. I would start by doing that. Then go to the location, and see if the files are there, or somewhere close to that location. If the files are not there, you must have moved them somewhere.

    To solve this problem a next time, consider using the 'collect all and save' function to make a project self sustaining.

    Hope this helps!

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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