Missing .als files after updating to 9.5



Within the past hour, I've just attempted to update to version 9.5 64-bit from version 9.1 32-bit. The installation seemed to go smoothly, however all of the projects which were in Ableton/Live 9 Standard/Projects are now missing, along with all of my VST .dll files, which also lived within the Live 9 Standard folder.


The "old" Live installation (now named ".Live 9 Standard_updated") still has folders for Projects and my custom VST folder, but both folders are now completely empty. Meanwhile, the new installation ("Live 9 Standard") doesn't yet have either a Projects or a VST folder.


I've searched all of my hard drives for the missing projects by name and by ".als", and I haven't been able to find anything. I'm running Windows 7. Can somebody, anybody please try to give me some insight as to what might have happened? Thank you.


Unsound Echoes 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mosipanic420
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    I don't have a answer. But the exact same thing just happen to me.  I lost a ton of files on the update.  and all my packs


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  • [tbu] Ableton staff
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    Hello and sorry to hear of this issue!

    On Windows computers, this can occur if you store your Live sets or Plugins in the same folder in which Live is installed.  This is why it is recommended to:

    A) install Live in the default location (which is in a hidden folder, keeping these type of lost set issues from occurring)

    B) to store your Live sets in a dedicated folder NOT located in the program folder.

    C) to store your Plugins also in a dedicated folder NOT located in the program folder.


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