Missing ....

I've opened Live 9 for the fourth or fifth time.


When I click in any of theCATEGORIES (Sounds, Instruments, Audio Effects, etc.....) or PLACES (Packs, User Library, Live 8 Library, Current Project, etc.) there are no results in the browser in the adjacent column under "Name." In other words, there are appears to be no content at all ... (though I can open recent sets).

I think I'm doing something wrong, but what ....? They were there last night.

Anyone have a clue?



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  • Shamie
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    I have had this issue for along time and have just figured out how to fix it which is based on the answer given by the staff above. I noticed it always happened when I switched between audio drivers. After closing Ableton after switching back to my onboard soundcard, when I reopened it, everything would be missing. Even though I had no other instance of Ableton open (visibly at least). If you CTRL+ALT+DELETE and check your Task Manager and check the processes, it's still showing a couple of Ableton processes running. Click them and "End Task". Once you've stopped them. Re-launch Ableton and voila!

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  • SQY
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    Cancel that . . . . I closed and opened again, and the files are showing. Could this be a bug?

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  • djkilldyl
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    Mine are missing as well. Ive tried to re-open several times and they are still missing. 

    5 years ago | 1 comment
  • Crohab
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    I have the same problem.

    PC/ XP /Live 9 Suite/Max for live

    I find that a computer reboot brings Category and Places content back. Should not need to though.

    Strangely, my " Plugins " folder is good and I can see the " Packs " folders but they are empty.




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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi all, 

    Most of the time this issue originates from Live running in the background after not closing properly the last time. 

    This issue is addressed in more detail over here: 


    Hope this helps, 


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